Cute German Shepherd Puppy Videos

The German shepherd dog is hugely popular all over the world and they are renowned for their loyalty and high intelligence. Many proud owners love to record their precious moments with their pets. Some dogs owners even create Facebook’ and Twitter pages for their dogs and post messages using their dog as the narrator. Some upload their pictures to share among their family and friends.

These are becoming more popular and many online communities are dedicated to dog owners of different breeds.  Small dogs are prevalent with people living in the city and apartment dwellers.

The popular channel ‘Youtube’ features lots of uploaded funny dog videos share by owners and this has expanded to include amateur ‘how to’ and training advice video clips. Literally anything and everything dog can be found on youtube! German Shepherd owners are among these and there are numerous video clips of the most adorable German shepherds One of the best videos features two ridiculously cute German Shepherds with their mother in constant attendance:

Dogs hate cats don’t they?

Well not in the case of the cutest most adorable puppy in this video:

In this video clip uploaded by a German shepherd owner, we see the ‘accidental’ meeting of one adorably cute German shepherd puppy and two pure white cats. This was the first time that the puppy had ever encountered a cat and the cat soon outwits him!
There are literally hundreds of video clips uploaded each day, but out of all of them, one of the best has to be this one:

This video clip also uploaded by a German shepherd owner, shows a German shepherd mom, giving birth to her pups. When one of the pups appears to be struggling and lifeless she licks it frantically and it eventually yelps and springs to life. It’s truly awe inspiring to watch.

Stop Dog Biting

It was the morning we had been dreading for some time. Emotions were high as we left the veterinary without Maxie. We bought Maxie when he was just a few weeks old. It wasn’t long before he started to playfully bite.

First it was his blanket then our hands, then just about everything else. Friends used to tell us that he was teething and needed to bite on things to ease the discomfort. It didn’t do any harm, he didn’t destroy anything and apart from the feeling of needles in our hands he didn’t really hurt us. In fact it was quite funny to see him pull at our hands, just as if he was trying to ask us to play with him. As for the teething theory he didn’t seem in that much distress, just playing games.

What we didn’t realize at the time was Maxie was taking control. We were allowing him to bite us which made him top dog so to speak. If this had continued Maxie would have become stronger and his bites more dangerous, it had to stop.

It was our veterinary that first drew our attention to the problem. She noticed that Maxie’s biting habits were excessive and quizzed us on his behavior. She insisted that we train him to stop biting while he was young and able to learn. The sooner training begins with a young dog, she said, the easier it is to achieve success. She then warned that if we didn’t stop Maxie biting there was a good chance we would be visiting her one day with Maxie and leaving without him.

Dogs that have bitten people are often ordered, by authorities, to be put to sleep. In addition to losing our beloved dog we could also find ourselves with heavy fines and legal expenses.


Maxie was just coming up to 3 months old then and it seems that had we left it any longer the training would have been more difficult. We didn’t want our little puppy growing into some monstrous beast that had to be destroyed so we read as much as we could on the subject. It would appear that puppies are taught many things by their mothers, bite control being one of them.

Also by mixing with other pups in their litter they quickly realize that biting too hard can lead them into trouble and a possible fight. When we buy a new puppy it is taken from its mother and siblings at an early age before it has chance to learn natural lessons. Therefore it falls on us, the new owners, to teach it how to behave.

One method of training a dog not to bite is to recreate the situation it has been taken from. Your puppy was taken from a litter where it would have learned many lessons therefore try to get your puppy to mix with other dogs. The sooner you can do this the less chance there is of your puppy hurting other dogs as he would not have developed the strength to cause damage.

He will soon learn that if he bites another dog he is likely to be bitten back. If the other dogs are also young then they too would not have the strength to cause damage, if the dogs are older they will realise the offending pup is only young and they will treat him firm but gentle.

If dog bites then you must stop dog biting, we did and were lucky. Maxie grew into a well behaved dog but there was one naughty behavior we couldn’t train out of him. That is why we had to leave him at the veterinary. Later the same day he came out a little bit less of a dog than when he went in but after recovering from his operation he was also a lot less frisky. If we hadn’t read up on how to train our puppy we may not have Maxie today. We have a lot to thank our veterinary for but as Maxie looks puzzled at his stitches I don’t think he agrees.

Best flushable dog poop bags biodegradable

For pet lovers, Best Dog Poop Bags have become an essential grocery items that they have to purchase regularly. In North America, local rules and regulations are enforced when it comes to walking your dogs. You are obligated to pick up your dog waste and dispose it in an appropriate manner. Hence, DOG poop bags best are a regular item on the shopping list.

The best biodegradable flushable dog poop bags

Out there, there are different kinds of dog waste bags. People who are concerned about the environment will mostly likely choose BIODEGRADEABLE Dog Poop Bags. These bags are designed to be decomposed after a period of time and therefore are not concerned as a threat to the environment.

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Both the biodegradable and flushable dog poop bags can be scented.  This is very crucial especially if the poop bags can be disposed immediately. The scent will mask the bad odor and you won’t even notice, a poop bag is within close vicinity.

Depending where you buy online, the dog poop bags can be available at very a low cost. The Flushable and Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags Bestbiodegradable dog poop bags can be purchased at a discount. Flushable cheap dog poop bags can also be bought online and this will save you some money especially if you have two to three dogs at home.

The other thing that most purchasers look at is the thickness of the dog poop bags. If the bag is too thin and clear, this could create some occasional incident where you end up with poop of your hand.

So, the perfect biodegradable and flushable dog poop bags should be thick, scented, colored and preferably with tie handles.

How To Help Your Overweight Dog Lose Weight

Puppies are cute and cuddly but what happens when you overfeed them?  They grow but they get too big!  What so many people do not realize is that dogs are in fact like people – they need to be active in order to stay in good condition. CHEAP Dog Supplies Online store has everything you need to keep your dog healthy. However, thousands of dogs aren’t healthy.  They are overweight and unhealthy and it is becoming a big problem because excess weight on a dog can take its toll eventually.


Why Does A Dog Need Exercise

  • Overweight
  • Unhealthy
  • Unable To Move
  • Have Heart Problems

These are only a few things that can affect a dog when they are overweight; there are lots of other awful things that can happen to a dog when he or she is overweight.  If you’re a dog owner and you little pooch has gained extra weight, what can you do to help shift those extra pounds?

Cutting out the Calories

The first step to help your dog lose weight, has to be to count the amount of calories they are consuming each and every day.  This means ensuring you write down how much food they are eating; but you must reduce the amount of calories they are eating.  It doesn’t matter whether you have a German Sheppard or Dalmatian; they still need to cut out calories especially if they are too heavy. Find a great selection of Cheap Dog Food Online with low calories.

To feed your Sheppard puppies, it’s wise to think about measuring out the meal portions you are giving them.  Don’t guess, know exactly what they are consuming and make sure that there is plenty of protein contained within their meals.  Not all low fat meals for dogs are good; remember you don’t want your dogs left hungry.

However, you can always give your dog a treat.  These treats can be healthy and there are lots of great healthy snacks out there to give them.  However, one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to owning a dog is exercise.  A dog does need lots of exercise in order to keep it healthy and this is especially important to help the dog lose weight.

Breeding Plans?

Just say for a second, you want to breed your dog, you will need to think about its weight.  Your dog will put on weight if she becomes pregnant however, that doesn’t mean to say you still can’t help to keep her in top condition.  You need to feed her the best foods and ensure you aren’t overfeeding because it can be very unhealthy for dog the mother and pup.  What is more, after the puppies are born, you can ensure your dog gets back into shape.  You can take her running and cut down excess calories and ensure she is getting enough protein and physical activity to lose the excess fat.  This way, you can ensure she is healthy.

Whether your dog is going through a breeding program or is just in need to lose weight, it will be vitally important to ensure he or she does lose weight.  Dogs need to be in good shape in order for them to be healthy.  Dog’s lives are different from humans, they can’t always tell us when something is wrong or when they want to change so, it’s vital to ensure they are well exercised and walked daily.  Your dog will thank you for shedding those excess pounds.

How big will your German Shepherd grow

All pure bred dogs have a breed standard which determines their eventual height and weight ratio .German Shepherds belong to the large dog category and will reach a height of between 23 and 26 inches. There is a slight difference between males and females, males breach a height of 25-26 inches and females 23 inches. Males weigh between 77- 88lbs and females 66-771bs on average. This is the optimum weight and it is important to note that it is essential to ensure that they keep to a healthy weight. An overweight German Shepherd is more likely to be at risk of developing health related problems, such as hip Dysplasia.

German Shepherd puppies grow very quickly during their first year and continue to grow until the age of 2 years. Up until the age of 2 your puppy will develop muscle growth and filling out. There are variations on this and its generally accepted that by the age of 3 your puppy will have grown into an adult-reaching full physical and mental maturity by the age of 3

Key points

Over feeding your German Shepherd may cause health problems
Never over feed your German Shepherd or offer too many titbits as this may lead to an overweight puppy. German Shepherd puppies are prone to hip and elbow Dysplasia and if they are allowed to become overweight, this can lead to an early onset of this painful condition


German Shepherds are large working dogs who require constant stimulation, exercise is crucial to maintain health. Similarly to being overweight, too much exercise on their developing joints can lead to damage. It’s important to strike a healthy feeding and exercise routine at this stage.


Regular health checks

German Shepherds are prone to certain health conditions and regular health checks are advisable to check the overall health of your puppy. It is essential that your puppy receives all vaccinations and is wormed regularly to ensure that they are healthy for life

What is the German shepherd breed standard

The German Shepherd is considered to belong to the ‘Herding’ group of dogs. This is the standard breed category for some working dogs who work as herders with cattle and sheep. The American Kennel club has stated the following traits as undesirable: A full description of the German Shepherd is available at the following URL:

Above all, it’s worth remembering that although German Shepherd puppies are adorably cute, they can grow into large dogs. They are also large even at the puppy stage, so they are going to require a lot of room and considerable attention and interaction In addition to a good diet and exercise routine, training and socialization of your German Shepherd puppy will make them good pets.

Watch Youtube Video:German shepherd puppy playing with dad


Stop Dog Whining

Our puppy, Maxie, became a bit of a whiner. At first we were worried that he was in some kind of discomfort or, worse, in pain. However, as with all young puppies, Maxie was seeing the visionary on a regular basis while he was on his course of puppy inoculations. The visionary had checked Maxie on each visit and never reported any problems therefore the whining must be due to something less serious, thankfully.

At first we used to give our puppy small doggie treats every time he whined but that would keep him quiet for a few seconds then he would start again. Later on, after studying dog training by reading books on the subject, we realized this had been completely the wrong thing to do. It turned out that every time we gave Maxie a treat he thought it was a reward for whining and so continued to whine. We gave him another treat to stop but he thought it was yet another reward so continued again. This was just a vicious circle that we didn’t realize we had started.

From the books we discovered that puppy whining is a common problem that the puppy can grow out of. Maxie didn’t. So what was the reason Maxie had been creating all this aggravating noise? It appears there are two main reasons why puppies whine…….wanting attention or anxiety.

When a puppy craves attention he is likely to keep whining until he receives the desired attention. This, like our early attempts with Maxie, is usually in the form of a treat as the owner tries to make the puppy keep quiet. These treats don’t necessary have to be edible goodies, simply stroking the noisey offender may be sufficient to stop the whining…for a minute or two…. only for your little darling to continue whining again to get even more of your attention.


It is better to ignore the whining until it stops and then give a reward for being silent.

Perhaps eye contact can be sufficient attention but any other reward while the whining continues will be seen as reward for whining. If rewards are to be given then they must be given while your puppy is silent, definitely not while the whining is taking place.

Ignoring the whining until it stops can take a lot of patience and you could be waiting for a long while. An alternative, possibly quicker method is to blow on a whistle until the whining stops and then stop the whistling. If your puppy finds the whistling annoying then he may associate your annoying noise with that which he produces. If he does make this association then he may stop his whining in order to gain some peace and quiet for himself.

With Maxie we found his whining was due to anxiety.

He was often left to find his own amusement. It was not often he was left alone for long periods but there wasn’t that much time during the day to play with him. Under these circumstances the books advised putting aside just a few minutes every once in a while to throw a ball a few times or play tug of war with a favorite toy.

A quick few minutes of tiring play, every now and then, seemed to keep Maxie satisfied, content, and settled and, for an hour or two, whine free.

The three most effective training methods for German Shepherds

Training German shepherds requires patience, repetition and consistency by all of the members of the family. However, when it comes to German shepherds, there are several things to bear in mind, the most important being that these German shepherds need a higher level of time and daily commitment. This is not a German shepherd who requires a daily potter in the garden and one daily walk to do its business.

German shepherds have been primarily bred for working purposes, originally they were used by Shepherds as herders. They are highly athletic and intelligent and the combination of these skills lead to them becoming the breed of choice as a working German shepherd for Police and Law enforcement.

Why is this important

It is a common misconception that exactly the same training techniques can be used for all dogs Whilst there is some truth in this with regards to basic commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘stay’, its far more effective to adapt dog training techniques to suit each breed.. For example, working dogs have a higher energy level than lap dogs and can become aggressive and destructive when confined. Before commencing any training method, it is imperative that you understand the importance of the following


Key Points

Regular Exercise- German Shepherds require a large amount of exercise- this needs to be regular and consistent

Diet- the importance of a high quality diet without too many scraps and titbits cannot be over emphasized

Weight Control- German shepherds weigh somewhere between 77 and 85lbs if they become heavier than this it may lead to health problems

Stimulation- German Shepherds are highly intelligent working dogs and require a lot of mental exercise as well as physical

A brief summary of the three most useful techniques described below are a combination of tried and tested dogs training techniques that may be adapted according to the traits of German Shepherds, which have proven to be highly effective

Establishing yourself as the ‘Pack leader’

Dogs are pack animals, and within the pack of dogs, the most dominant German shepherd quickly establishes itself as the ‘top German shepherd’ The top German shepherd is the leader and as such lays down all the rules for the others to follow including when to eat and where to sleep. Sometimes other pack members may challenge the top dog and they are soon put in their place. This is why it is essential that you establish yourself as the pack leader, and act accordingly. YOU decide where he eats, sleeps and it is imperative that you are consistent at all times


Main Points

  1. Establish a regular ‘pack walk’ This involves making your dog walk to heel, beside you with you leading the way.
  2. Always have your meals BEFORE you feed your dog and never allow them any titbits whilst your eating.
  3. never allow your dog sit on your furniture or sleep in your bed.
  4. Do not allow your dog to demand to be petted or pet them on their command- always make them sit first.
  5. Reinforce the ‘sit’ command so that  your dog learns that he has to work for attention  (Maguire 2013)

At first glance, this seems to be rather cruel and unfair to dog owners, but when looked at more closely, its actually considers things from their perspective. However, for those who feel that this approach would be unsuitable, there is the flip side of the coin so to speak, and that is the method known as ‘positive reinforcement. This approach is entirely focused on rewarding good behaviour and ignoring the bad behaviour. A German shepherd is highly intelligent and eager to please and although they are loyal and attached to all of the family members, they form the closest attachment to the main owner. This makes this approach easier to implement.

Positive Reinforcement

This method involves rewarding your dog with something he really enjoys when he follows your command and behaves well. For example, when teaching basic commands such as ‘sit and ‘stay Conversely if the dog refuses commands he loses his treats. This method encourages the dog to behave well and involves no physical punishment :

  1. grab your dogs attention with a treat, or favorite food titbit reward
  2. tell your dog what he is expected to do- for example ‘sit’
  3. As soon as he does what you ask give him the reward
  4. if he refuses turn around with your back toward him and ignore him
  5. Once your dog has learned this association use it whenever he shows undesirable behaviour

This method has been popularized by Sylvia-Stasiewicz a dog trainer from the hit TV show ‘Its me or the dog’ which features owners at the end of their tether coping with disobedient dogs.

German Shepherds can respond well to this training method, however its important to note that although it may be seen as a softer option, it is essential that you are consistent and follow the main key points outlined earlier.

German Shepherds with special needs

Sometimes despite your best efforts there may be difficulties with your German Shepherd, for example, if you have adopted a rescue dog who has been abused by a former owner, or if they are older and have never been trained. In these cases it can be helpful to consult a behavioural specialist for guidance. There is no shame in asking for help, and some organizations will do home visits and work with you and your German Shepherd.

Sadly, a lot of German Shepherds are placed in rescue centers and pounds when they have behavioural problems as its wrongly assumed that nothing can be done. However this trend is now turning as there is more awareness of the benefits of professional advice and involvement to tackle these issues and concerns.